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Dr. Sonia Taveras is a general and cosmetic dentist who provides top-quality, gentle, caring dentistry tailored to every patient’s needs. With over 20 years of experience, her passion for dentistry is rooted in creating the best patient experience by designing beautiful smiles and focusing on your overall wellness.

More Than a Smile

You may not realize the role your oral health plays in the health of your entire body, but the two are tightly linked. Think about your diet and the types of foods you eat.

Is it a coincidence that sugar is damaging to the gut and is also a major cause of tooth decay? Have you seen the research that shows the bacteria that causes gum disease can affect the health of your heart?

All parts of the body are connected, so it’s essential to see and treat the body as an entire system to achieve total wellness. At Smile Dental & Co., we treat the whole patient, not just their smile.