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Having clean teeth is essential for your oral health, but having white teeth is also important for your mental health. At Smile Dental & Co., we can take care of both with our teeth whitening and cleaning services.

What Makes a Professional Whitening Different?

What’s the difference between an in-office cleaning and something you can get at the store, you ask? The main difference is the concentration of the bleaching agent, which is higher when done by a professional. It allows you to see very noticeable results in just one visit to the dentist.

Why Do I Need a Teeth Cleaning?

No matter how hard you try, some parts of your smile are simply hard to reach, making it easy to miss spots where plaque and tartar can build. When you see one of our trained hygienists for a teeth cleaning, we can take care of those trouble spots without a problem.

We will also be able to identify potential oral health issues, like periodontal disease, before they worsen, saving you from unnecessary pain and suffering down the road. We recommend you see us for a tooth cleaning once every six months.

Benefits of Whitening and Cleaning

While a whitening treatment may not be pertinent to your health like a cleaning, both have some great benefits.


  • A bright smile you can be proud of
  • Renewed inspiration to maintain your oral health


  • Prevention of cavities and gum disease
  • Reduction of bad breath

Looking for Whitening and Cleaning Treatment in Sweetwater, FL?

Do you need a teeth whitening session or cleaning treatment? Maybe both? Contact our office today to schedule an appointment.